Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

last week activity reviewlt

mmmm minggu lepas agak BZ with all the appointment, training & presentation, in 6 day i have done 10 appointment, this week is waiting for the result..

wealth builder tu sgt bagus N aku memang berani confirmed la memang tak rugi kalau save under this account with guaranted bonus more then 10% every year until 35 years,

ini pun baru balik dari appointment, aku pegi appointment ngan elle, my prospect.. mula2 cuma nak buat fact finding ajer, tak der niat pun nak present kat dia, tapi all the document, sentiasa ader dlm hangbag i kan, so bila dia ckp dia rushing i pun bagi tau i pun ader appointment pukul 11pm kat ampang, then dia tanya pasal my appointment tu, then i terus la present. he seem interested. by the way i have to wait until friday i'm gonna meet him again.

after the appointment i pegi ampang jumpa my old friend Fai, he would like to take a bank loan about 1 milion, so borak2 pasal tu, n lepas tu present my saving plan to him. this need a follow up also, he can be my COI since he know alot of rich men.

plan esok nak gi tgk wayang, movie marathon. sampai pukul 7.30pm, then terus gi PJ for nite meeting.

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